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Sunday 10 Dec 17 02:07:24 PM
Around 72 to 75 percent polling recorded in Morbi district
Around 72 to 75 percent polling recorded in Morbi district

Morbi: In the first phase of assembly elections today, voters voted enthusiastically for all the three seats of Morbi district from morning to evening.The average voter turnout was recorded 72 percent to 75 percent in Morbi district. However, the percentage of voting in all the seats of Morbi is going on continuously for the last five years, which is sign of a healthy democracy.

In the Morbi district, voters voted enthusiastically from morning to evening and average voting percentage was 73.13 percent till 5P.M in the evening,in which 71.23 per cent in the Morbi-Maliya seat,74.04 per cent in Paddhari-Tinkara seat and highest 74.27 percent was recorded on Wankaner seat.

In the last five years, the polling percentage of Morbi district, in 1995, was recorded 65.11 percent for Morbi seat, 66.96 percent on Wankaner seat and 71.49 percent on Tankaara seat.In 1998 polling, 60.54 per cent voting was recorded on Morbi Seat, 68.64 on Wankaner seat and 66.01 percent on Tankara seat voting took place.

In 2002, 62.44 percent voting was recorded Morbi seat, 73.16 percent on Wankaner seat and 67.91 percent on Tankaara seat.

In 2007, 68.60 per cent voting on Morbi seat , 63.65 on Wankaner seat and 64.71 per cent voting in Tankara seat,was recorded.

In 2012 election, 73.44% voting was registered on Morbi seat,74.48% on Wankaner constituency and 76.48% voting on tankaara seat.

Thus, the average five term polling has shown awareness among the voters of Morbi district, which gives proof of being a healthy democracy. In the first phase, the final figure of voting in Morbi district will be declared till 10 p.m.