Dhaval Parekh
Dhaval Parekh
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Wednesday 22 Nov 17 10:24:26 AM
BSP candidate deposited coins with nomination form

Navsari: On the last day of filing the nomination for the Gujarat assembly election, BSP candidate deposited the amount, in coins to oppose the demonetization while filing the nomination for 174 Jalalpor Assembly Constituency. 

BSP candidate Gunvant Rathod and resident of Vijalpor city in Navsari filed his nomination for 174 Jalalpor Assembly Constituency. While submitting his nomination letter he carried bags of coins with him which created curiosity among the people at the Collector Office. With his nomination form, he submitted the deposit amount of Rs. 5000 in coins of Re. 1, Rs. 2, Rs. 5 and Rs. 10 to the Election Commission Officer. The Officers were shocked to see so many coins as a deposit. They took about half an hour to count the deposited amount.

BSP candidate Gunvant Rathod said that demonetization of the Modi's Central Government has made the people poorer. Hence, in oppose of demonetization, he deposited the coins which he got from the poor people of his constituency as a blessing.