Itika Srivastava
Itika Srivastava
Monday 01 Jan 18 08:47:04 PM
Come to visit the baby parliament of India

People who struggle for the fact of not being able to visit the Indian Parliament, which is located in New Delhi, doesn't have to get worried.As Gujarat too has the look alike of the Indian Parliament.

The parliament building, replica of original parliament building in New Delhi has been constructed at Hiralakshmi Memorial Craft Park in Bhujodi near district headquarters Bhuj in Kutch district of Gujarat.As you enter for the Vande Matram Museum, you will witness the replica of Delhi's India Gate, while next the majestic replica of the Parliament-like structure which is alluring.

Places to visit in Museum

The Vande Mataram Memorial highlights the significant events in our freedom struggle. The memorial immortalizes 17 crucial episodes of India’s freedom struggle with the technology of 4D projections. It takes 90 minutes to visit the complete museum.

It also have the fiber statues of freedom fighters including Rani Lakshmibai and Mahatma Gandhi. The statues are being made in Vijayvada in Andhra Pradesh.

The museum is the mixture of history, art and technology. It has the LCD screens, light and sound arrangements and other facilities.

Besides this, with a vision to preserve, promote and restore the arts of the Kutch and making them accessible to people, a Hiralaxmi Craft Park is also there.As you enter the main gate of the village, you will come across various houses-cum-shops where there are many artisans selling their traditional wares like quilts, stoles, kurtas, shirts, chappals and sandals, etc. It is really a shopper’s haven. But just don’t empty your pockets here. Keep on heading down to the end of the village, and you will come across this craft park, which is such a beauty.

The Park is bridge between the artisans & buyers.

Auditorium: A multi-functional Auditorium Hall, with seating partially surrounding the stage, is ideally suited to conferences, concerts and cultural activities. Perfect for hosting events of a varying scale; concerts, private functions with seating for 110 viewers

Yellow Fort: - The yellow fort is the replica of the Red Fort in Delhi, which includes the Gandhi Ashram (Selfie Point), Gujarat freedom fighter gallery.

Cafeteria: A fine dining restaurant that takes you back to the ancient era. With interiors set to impress and a cuisine, this venue is fit for Royalty, which works out to 80 seats.

Façade show is grand show with full of lights and sound effects with the help of high technology projectors. Its 12 minutes of an open air show after sunset.

Bharat Mata Idol: One of India’s largest Idol of 30 Ft and weighing more than 30 tons is placed in the centre of the Memorial.

History behind building second-parliament

The Vande Mataram Memorial is a humble and yet the most ambitious offering of the Ashapura Group to the nation. The Memorial is a non-profit institution that seeks to immortalize the most momentous episodes in India's freedom struggle from the revolt of 1857 right up to the country's Independence in 1947.

The Museum was constructed for four years with the inputs taken from the prominent historians, architects, sculptors and artists.

So, what are you waiting for, plan your visit to this baby parliament!