Dinesh  Vithalani
Dinesh Vithalani
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Priyanka Brahambhatt

Sunday 07 Jan 18 07:42:39 PM
Dwarka :Boat and ship collided near Okha
Dwarka :Boat and ship collided near Okha

A boat and ship collided in arabi sea near Okha. As per the information received , Al- Madeena boat which was of bet Dwarka was going through  arabi sea and just then this incident took place.The boat was hit by a ship and both collided.The ship was going to Kandala from Okha when this incident happened.

There was 8 Khalasis in the boat.This incident happened at 6 notice miles away from Okha in Arabi sea.The ship which was going to Kandala hit Dwarka's Al - Madeena boat. The rescue operation was held to save all the Khalasis present in boat. Fortunately all the Khalasis were rescued.2 Khalasis got injured in this accident,But no major injuries or loss recorded.