Itika Srivastava
Itika Srivastava
Wednesday 01 Nov 17 06:29:09 AM
In Pics: Kartik Poonam Fair begins

The celebrations for Kartik Purnima fair has begun from today.Somnath celebrating a large fair on the day of the full moon of Kartik Purnima in November/December. 

Somnath Trust Trustee Professor J.D. Parmar, inaugurated the Kartik Fair from the temple. On this occasion, people including leaders, locals, officials of various communities were present. 

People from around the country will be witnessed for participating in the rides, handicrafts fair, the creation of a magnificent paradoxical town, the picture gallery of the Gujarat holy pilgrimage board, the vast Shivalinga, the Somnath Salafi Point, and the various cultural programs of Kartiki festivities.