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Ajay Mishra

Wednesday 06 Dec 17 02:21:17 PM
Luxury bus meet an accident: 4 people died
Luxury bus meet an accident: 4 people died

Bharuch: On Tuesday at 8.30 am, the luxury bus and a truck meet an accident on National Highway No. 8. In this tragedy, 4 people died on the spot. According to the information received from the accident site, while returning from marriage function, the resident of Surat - Bhadresh family meet an accident near Nabipur in Bharuch taluka on National Highway No. 8. Due to brake failure of a truck, it was standing in between on the road when the luxury bus collided with it creating the chaos among the people in the bus.

The atmosphere on the highway became outrageous with the deadly screams due to the accident. As soon as the accident was reported, the 108 emergency service vans from Palej, Karjan, Bharuch and Zadeshwar rushed to the spot and immediately shifted the injured to Bharuch Civil Hospital. Also, the local people from Nabipur rushed to the spot to help in the rescue and shifting of the injured people. The accident was so awful that the front portion of the bus was totally damaged. Due to the accident on the highway, the traffic was stuck for the while but soon Nabipur Police rushed to the spot and took over the control.

As soon as the accident was reported, Highway traffic Police and Deputy Superintendent of Bharuch Police N.D.Chauhan also rushed to the incident site. Hence, the happy occasion of marriage ended with the sorrow of the death of 4 unfortunate people. The Nabipur Police filed the complaint and started the further investigation of the accident.

List of dead people:

Tulsibhai Babubhai Bhadreshwada. Age: 55 yrs. Resi. Punagam, Surat

Geetaben Tulsibhai Bhadreshwada. Age: 50 yrs. Resi. Punagam, Surat

Hemani alias Deepa Sanjaybhai. Age: 22 Resi. Punagam, Surat

Mahesh Bachubhai Bheda. Age: 56 Resi. Ahmedabad