Prashant Dayal
Prashant Dayal
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Itika Srivastava

Thursday 28 Sep 17 07:09:37 PM
Man weeps, leaving Police station
Man weeps, leaving Police station

Prashant Dayal:

A month ago, when a social worker named Bhaskar Dave came to the Limbdi police station, Surendranagar along with an elderly person who seems to be terrified and perplexed. At that time Sub-Inspector of Limbdi police DB Basiya was present, Bhaskar approached him for this unidentified man by expressing that, "I have seen this man a few days ago in the taluka, he seems to be very confused, when he talks I couldn't understand, neither he understand my language, added Dave.

PSI Basiya looked suspiciously to the man and later asked his name and address, but he couldn't understand the language of the person. But though, PSI managed to realise that the person was communicating in South Indian language.Police knew Hindi, Gujarati and English but there was, however, a very different person who did not understand all three languages.

Such was the situation of banging head against the wall, Basiya informed his Deputy Police superintendent Pradisinh Jadeja, he met this person and talked politely. However, the man too reverted but couldn't convey what he wanted. DYSP Jadeja felt that the language in which he was interacting was Tamil.

The clothes of the man were dirty and he seemed to be hungry, Jadeja instructed Limbdi police to bring this man new clothes and arrange a meal for him. Isn't it a stoic irony that though the man was not accused not accused it was necessary to keep him at the police station. But as it is said not all the day is a bad day, so one fine day Limdi police contacted Inspector Nagarajan, who knew Tamil and Hindi. Police sent him the photo of this elderly person and asked Nagarajan to search his address.

A few days later, Nagarajan got the information that the image of the person was of Edyul Nair, a resident of Thiruvannamalai district. With this Police got a ray of hope. Finally, they got the idea and information about Edyul who has become very friendly with the two police staffs taking care of him. The Limdi police immediately contacted the Thiruvannamalai police and informed about Edyul. 

Tamil Nadu police reached the house of Edyul and after reaching there, they got to know that Edyul’s son, Thirmal Nair works as labour in Chennai. However, Tamil Nadu police got to know his phone number through Nagarajan's effort. Soon after which, Limdi police dialled video call to Thirmal. Seeing his son after so many years, Edyul couldn't control his emotions. That day was the best day of his life.

On talking to him, Thirmal said that his father came to Chennai to attend a wedding but lost his way back to the village five years ago. They tried searching him but couldn't succeed.

When he came to know about his father being at Gujarat, he rushed to Limdi village with his family. The story, however, was destined to be happy at the ending, as the family reunited after five years.Police couldn't control their tears.

Police took almost one month to find a family of Edyul. Assistant police sub-inspector of Limdi Ghusbhai and Mahesh Gadhavi took care of him. While leaving the police station, Edyul got emotional he wept as if he was leaving his sons. Now, Edyul is happily at his home and shared a family picture.