About Us
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Mijaaj is an emerging online media platform that provides Gujarat’s hyper-local news in English as well as Gujarati. It is dedicated to offering news specific to a particular local area. 

The uniqueness is that it provides entertaining information for multiple areas on a single platform. We also allow the citizen journalists to pitch in and directly add noteworthy stories of their respective local areas to our platform.

Our Mijaaj
Every news is distinctive and we believe in adding a positive perspective to it, that’s what we call 
“Our Mijaaj”
Mijaaj works on a concept of Mijaaj Makers who ensure that all the local issues and events of a specific area that matters, are brought to light. Extensive geographical outreach combined with a strong technology platform enables Mijaaj to establish itself as a fast growing popular destination for Gujarat news. 

It is not just the news highlights, recent Gujarat news or Gujarat political news that we give our readers, we also have other sections like latest Bollywood updates, latest Dhollywood news online, besides Travel and Health related articles. For our Youth, we have a separate section of education and campus. For the ones who are keen to receive updates on technology, we have our gadgets section to satiate their interest in technology. We have given a platform to writers too. Those who have a million thoughts on their mind and are looking for an outlet, share their thoughts in our separate space for them in our Blogs section.

It is the first and the only online news for Gujarat platform that comes without a legacy in media or any backing of electronic and print media. Mijaaj aims to grow around the concept of news that matters to the public, than merely putting up news for the public.