Dinesh  Vithalani
Dinesh Vithalani
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Ankur Patel

Friday 05 Jan 18 09:46:47 PM
Thieves run away after robbing and burning the bike
Thieves run away after robbing and burning the bike

Rajpur: Thieves are going out of control in the city. Incidents of theft at different places of the city have come up. One such incident has come up in Disa's Rajpur gavadi area where thieves have threatened localities.

Thieves were out of control at night time and robbed two different places at the time. They burnt a bike, parked outside the home. They put a bike on fire near a cemetery.

Rajubhai, a resident of Sukunpark, Rajpur had his bike parked outside his home which was burnt near the cemetery. Thieves took the bike to the cemetery and burnt it. When the localities came to know about this incident they were gathered in a crowd.

While the Royal Residency's CCTV cameras were broken by these thieves. They also broke the cabins of candy-biscuits and robbed the small cabins also. They did not even spare the candies and biscuits from this cabin.

After these two Incidents, people are at threat. They are demanding a night patrolling for the societies of this area such as Sukun park, Aman park, Bihari baug and Husaini chowlk.